Saturday, August 28, 2010

August blog posting theme: green. I drove a mint green rabbit from the time I was 16 until about 27, when the driver's side window finally fell into the door. I couldn't deal with the plastic covering I had duct taped around the edge of the window to keep the elements out, so finally had to bite the bullet and buy something newer. They gave me 50 bucks on a trade in, a transaction I immediately regretted, as I had a friend who didn't have a car and would have gladly paid me more than that for it. When I asked the saleman if I could buy the car back, he said, yeah, for 500 bucks. Bastard. That pale green rabbit served me well for many years, carting teenagers around, stuffing them in the trunk for drive in movies, taking me pretty much wherever I wanted to go. I knew of people who named their cars, but this one never had a name other than The Rabbit. A good memory of green for me.

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